What Does a Scavenger Hunt Post Look Like?

7 06 2011


You will need to publish about 50 photos. Please do NOT make a new blog entry every time you want to publish photos. Please publish all your photos in ONE or TWO blog entries. That means make a blog entry for your Summer Scavenger Hunt assignment (titling it something like “Eb’s Biology Scavenger Hunt”) and keep adding your photos to that same entry. So each time you come back to the blog, go and EDIT your original blog post.

I would suggest you number your photos or captions, so it helps you keep track of your progress.

What are we looking for?
Photos of biology concepts and brief explanations of what the concept means and how your photo illustrates the idea. These do not have to be long explanations. They can just be a few lines that clearly state what Biology Scavenger Hunt concept your photo is depicting and how it clearly satisfies that category.  Scroll down to the next blog for a few examples!

(assignment originally created by Kim Foglia at Division High School)




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